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SL-Aqua Mironekuton Stones

SL-Aqua Mironekuton Stones

SL-aqua Mironekuton stones 200 grams


SL-aqua Mironekuton is an original Japanese mineral without further additions. Because of the wide variety of positive qualities of these stones, it is already widely used by Japanese shrimp breeders as a mineral depot.
During the cycling phase of the aquarium, mironekuton minerals support the development of good filter bacteria in the aquarium filter & soil.

SL-aqua Mironekuton stones stabilize the pH and therefore provides protection against dangerous pH decreases. It supports the total hardness (GH), improves the water quality, increases the ion exchange capacity, supports the plant growth and their root formation, photosynthesis, and the release of oxygen. Mironekuton stones absorb harmful substances, provides crystal clear water and eliminates unpleasant odors.



  • Put into tank or filter directly.
  • There may be some suspended particles in the water but there is no problem in water quality. They disappear after a few hours/days.



Approximately 100-150 grams Mironekuton stones for 10 liters of water.


Content: 200 grams (+- 2-8 stones depending on the size).

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