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SL-Aqua Montmorillonite Clay

SL-Aqua Montmorillonite Clay

SL-aqua Montmorillonite Clay


Montmorillonite Clay stones are made from high quality Japanese silicate clay, which can remove impurities and foul odors from the water. Montmorillonite Clay also provides essential minerals and trace elements for shrimp, fish and nitrobacteria. It is highly effective in enhancing shrimp color, increasing survival rate and stabilizing the water.



  • Rinse off any dust from the package, and then add the stones directly into aquarium or filter.
  • There may be some dust particles in the water after adding the stones, but this is not a problem for water quality. They will settle and be filtered out of the water by the aquarium filter.
  • 200g of Montmorillonite Clay stones are suitable for 100-120 liters of water.


Content: 200 grams (+- 2-8 stones depending on the size).

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