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SL-Aqua More Snowflakes

SL-Aqua More Snowflakes

SL-aqua Snowflakes are 100% natural snowflakes made entirely from soy shells. The snowflakes are often used as supplementary food or during vacations. Snowflakes stimulates the growth of mycelia, which is a source of food for shrimps over a long period of


SL-aqua More Snowflakes


SL-aqua Snowflakes are 100% natural snowflakes made entirely from soy shells. These contain a lot of vegetable protein and fiber, which effectively supports the cell division and growth of shrimp. Natural minerals also provide support for the moulting process.

The compressed soy shells of the snowflakes fall apart under water, covering a large part of the bottom with the snowflakes. Even though the shrimps start eating immediately when it is fed into the tank, it is perfectly normal to have white flakes left over after feeding. These "snowflakes" do not pollute the water and will serve as a medium for mycelia to grow (which shrimp will eat). As a result, there will be a constant source of food for the shrimps for weeks (depending on the amount dosed and the amount of shrimps), thus making it suitable to be used as a food supplement during holiday periods.

As the snowflakes ensures that both young and adult shrimps always have sufficient food available, the breeding results and survival rate of young shrimps is considerably improved.


Dosage: We recommend feeding snowflakes 1-2 times a week as an additional feed. Leftovers can remain in the aquarium and will not pollute the water. You can simply give some extra when you leave for a while.

Content: 30 grams.

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