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Snowflake Shrimp and Snail Food

Snowflake Shrimp and Snail Food



Contains 100% organic soya husk which is one of the most popular natural food sources for shrimps. Especially, the product does not pollute water when overuses. Natural ingredients do not cause Planaria & Hydra. It is the best food for those who often go on business trips away from home, do not have time to feed shrimp daily, this is the most suitable product, just estimate the time and put food in the tank, you can go on a business trip, travel with peace of mind.

Soya husk can feed all kinds of cardinal shrimp, Sulawesi shrimp, and color cherries shrimp. ...Also Snails, Pleco, and Bristlenose. 


How to use: 1 small pellet each time. 2,3 times/week depending on the number of shrimps/snails/fish. Combine with other foods for better growth of the colony.

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