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Tantora Mineral Stones 100g

Tantora Mineral Stones 100g

Tantora mineral stones 100g


Tantora mineral stones are absorbent mineral stones made of montmorillonite. These mineral stones enrich the water with important minerals and act as a natural ion exchanger. Toxic substances such as ammonia/ammonium and heavy metals are stored over a longer period of time and therefore pose no threat to invertebrates such as shrimp, crayfish and fish.

Initially it will seem as if the stones dissolve in water, but in fact the stones first swell a little with water and then absorb the toxins in the intermediate layers of the stone. These tantora mineral stones release important minerals that contribute to good health and vitality of shrimp. The stones also help prevent problems caused by poor molting.

Japanese shrimp farmers have long been convinced of the positive properties of mineral stones and have been using the stones for shrimp farming for a long time.



Before you use the stones in the aquarium, they must be rinsed. This can be done with tap water. Then place the stone in a bowl of water for 5 minutes so that it can absorb the water before putting them in the tank.




100g of tantora mineral stones are sufficient for a 50 liter aquarium. After about 6 months the stones have worn off and must be replaced to maintain the purifying effect. An overdose has no advantages, but also no disadvantages. If algae grow on the stones, you can wash it off under the tap and then place the stones back in the aquarium.


Contents; 100 Grams in the form of stones. Approx. 5 stones.

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