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Tima Shrimp Paste Basic 35g

Tima Shrimp Paste Basic 35g

TimaShrimp paste Basic, 35g


This finely powdered food paste has been developed as main food for shrimp and the microfauna in the shrimp tank. Only raw materials of the utmost quality are used, and the paste is manufactured without heat so vitamins and nutrients basically remain intact.

Tima Shrimp paste Basic slowly dissolves in the current and as the aquarium inhabitants nibble on it. This creates a food cloud that will be taken to all aquarium inhabitants, the microfauna included, by the current.

We recommend feeding this paste in a food dish so none of it disappears in the substrate unused. For targeted feeding in a food dish that's already in the tank use a feeding tube, or take the food dish out, attach a bit of the paste to it and place it in the tank again.

Tima Shrimp paste is also great for feeding fan shrimp. Just form a small ball and fix it upon the aquarium glass in the current. The food paste adheres nicely to the glass and dissolves slowly, giving off a cloud of suspended food particles that can be filtered out by the fan shrimp easily.

In our tanks, we were able to observe that snails also love this food. Nerites and Clithon snails start crawling to the feeding place uncommonly fast, and they seem to like this food very much.

Feeding recommendation
1 razor-sharp per 10-15 shrimp per day

Mollusks and crustaceans, grains, algae, vegetable by-products, minerals, nuts, oils and fats, yeasts

Food form
finely pasty mass

Content: 35 g

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