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Shrimp Nature White 30g

Shrimp Nature White 30g

White - Multi ingredient food for
shrimps with white color, it's a
composition of many minerals
and substances that contain natural
form of calcium and magnesium which
will improve white color of your Bee
shrimp. Main ingredients:
Lithothamnium Calcareum, Montmorillonite,
calcium carbonate, matzo, coral powder,
green mollusk powder, amarantus powder,
wheat grass, bee pollen, yeast, spinach.
Product contains 7% of calcium so it
can be treated as a mineral food for
all shrimps (including neocaridina).
The best effects with improving the
white color can be achieved using this
food with “extra white"
supplement from SN.


Product packed in Stand Up Pouches with Zip

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