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x10  Bloody Mary

x10 Bloody Mary

Set of 10 Bloody Marry Shrimp


These are the reddest in the cherry family. If you think painted fire red can’t be beat, you have to see these deep red (almost like blood) shrimps. Even the male Bloody Mary’s are red, this separates them from the rest of the cherry family as male shrimps in other varieties normally are much less colourful.

These shrimps aren't just red, if you observe closely you can see that the shell is actually differnt from regular high grade cherry such as Painted Fire Red. These shrimps have shell that seems translucent, the red colour looks like to be shining from within the shrimp. Short of a better description, it's like it has a red led light inside the shrimp. Some people say these shrimps have red flesh, we're yet to confirm that as we won't kill a shrimp to prove that.

Because these shrimps are from the same family as the cherry shrimps, keeping and breeding are very easy. They can also tolerate a much wider range of water parameters. This is a very good choice for hobbyists who want to have a fast breeding tank of red. They look fantastic in a planted tank too.


Common Name
Scientific Name
Adult Size
Water Temp
pH Range 
Water Hardness
Fresh or Salt Water
Larval Stage
Egg/Saddle Color
Bloody Mary
Neocaridina davidi var. Blody Mary
2.5-3.0 CM or 1.0-1.2 inches
15°-30° C or 60°-85° F



The shrimps are approx. 1- 1.5 cm in size.

Shrimps will be sent by Royal Mail next day special delivery or 1st Class Signed For.

When you receive shrimps, you may find them a pale but they will get colours back, after becoming acclimatized to their new environment.

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