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x10 Opae Ula

x10 Opae Ula

SKU: OpeaU

Halocaridina rubra are more commonly known as Opae Ula Shrimp (lit. – Tiny red shrimp), Volcano shrimp, Hawaiian red shrimp, Supershrimp, and Anchialine shrimp. They are known for being bright, beautiful, and easy to care for.

Opae Ula Shrimp are very hardy and low maintenance pets. They can survive in any sized aquarium. They do not need filters, air pumps or heaters. There is almost no need to feed them. Opae Ula Shrimp can live up to 20 years if cared for properly and breed in brackish water.

These extraordinary shrimp are probably the lowest maintenance pet you can possibly get. As long as you keep them appropriately you can keep them for decades!


Important Information!

Opea Ula Shrimp need brackish water to live!
Please read more about that shrimp before you decide to buy!

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