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x10 White Pearl Shrimp

x10 White Pearl Shrimp

SKU: W-P-Set

White Pearl Shrimp

The White Pearl Shrimp is a real eye-catcher in the aquarium. Actually milky transparent, giving the white eggs. This shrimp its name, because of their beauty. This is the pearl of the dwarf shrimps.

White Pearl Shrimp is easy to breed. Female can deploy up to 40 pups that can be mounted together with the parents.


The White Pearl Shrimp at a glance

Size: Up to 3 centimeters
Age: Up to 2 years in
Behavior: Very peaceful
Optimum water temperature: 18 to 28 degrees
Required pH: 6.0 to 8.0
Total hardness of water: Up to 16 °
Carbonate hardness: Up to 12 °
Recommended Food: algae, flake food, Spirulina, fish food, vegetables.


The shrimps are approx. 1- 1.5 cm in size.

Shrimps will be sent by Royal Mail next day special delivery or 1st Class Signed For.

When you receive shrimps, you may find them a pale but they will get colours back, after becoming acclimatized to their new environment.

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